One of the goals of Cocoapedia is to bring together like-minded individuals to create a community that freely shares insights and ideas on technology. As such, guests are encouraged to contribute and submit original posts.

Your contributions are valuable because they will offer a different take on technology news and issues. In addition, they can encourage other regular Cocoapedia guests to share their thoughts and participate in constructive discussions.

Lastly, your contributions will help us discover good writers/bloggers who may someday become a regular member of the Cocoapedia group.

What to Remember

Everything in Cocoapedia is original. Every written piece is examined for accuracy, brevity, and grammar quality. As such, all contributors are required to:
1. Submit only originally written content. Guests should submit articles that he or she wrote. All submissions should be unpublished anywhere online.
2. All submissions should be relevant to technology and its related issues.
3. Guest submissions should follow the right format: title, headers, sub-headers, and/or bullet points. Total number of words should be between 300 and 500.
4. Before submitting, guests are required to review and edit their articles.
5. Guest posts should not contain any copyrighted photos. All photos, videos, or similar content shall be properly credited to its owner.
6. Guest writers will be properly credited, so it is important to include a short “About the Writer” at the bottom part of the article.

All guest posts must be submitted to ________________________. Once submitted, the posts will be reviewed and the writer will be contacted for publishing information.

If you intend to contribute, be sure to share your post on all your social media pages.

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