Startups serve as inspiration for the many who want to share their technology-related creations with people all over the world. Here are some of those that are slowly making their mark in the world in various ways.

1. CancerAid


Launched last June 2016 on both the iOS and Android platforms, CancerAid is the brainchild of three doctors: Dr. Akshat Saxena, Dr. Nikhil Pooviah, and Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh. This app helps cancer patients, their families and caregivers organize medicine and treatment schedules. CancerAid is an all-around companion that can take the burden and stress off the patients and their loved ones during treatment. This app does not only assist in treatment management, but it also provides suggestions and information on useful materials and resources.

2. ThemeGo


Originally conceptualized two years ago, ThemeGo is the perfect app for theme park lovers and adventurers. It shares useful information, such as reviews, of theme parks from different parts of the world. Users can also post their reviews on not just a theme park in general, but also on its individual attractions. Users can likewise plan their itinerary with the help of ThemeGo.

3. Brigade


For those who want to participate in the U.S. electoral discussions without having to go to debates and other such activities, this app is the best answer. Once downloaded, the app will show various cards with politically-related statements. Users can either agree or disagree with the statements. The results are regularly updated and tabulated in a chart. This app was co-created by Sean Parker and Matt Mahan.

4. Wellinks


Health is wealth, so Wellinks a valuable startup as it was created mainly to assist those who are suffering from chronic illnesses. What is does is very simple: gather relevant data that can help locate possible treatments. It is simple but very helpful, especially for people with scoliosis. Wellinks has developed a brace monitoring device for scoliosis patients with the intention of developing more for other patients, like braces for the knee. Wellinks is the brainchild of a group of students from Yale University.

5. Light.Co


The goal of Light.Co is to lift the camera experience to another level by creating the handy pocket-sized L16 camera. This mobile camera has 10 of its 16 cameras taking shots simultaneously once clicked. The shots are then joined to create one image.

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