Apple introduced details of the iPhone 7 several weeks ago. As usual, the feedback was a mixture of admiration and loud complaints, particularly for the wireless ear pods. Other noticeable changes are the Home button and the phone colors. Let’s look at them one by one.

Goodbye, Lighting Headphones

Apparently, a lot of iPhone users are not happy with the wireless technology that Apple has adopted. The iPhone 7 no longer carries a headphone port; it replaced this popular feature with wireless ear pods (that look somewhat incomplete without the cables). While others find this change cool, quite a lot have been noisily complaining that it was unnecessary. Then again, if you want to go with the old school earphones, Apple is providing an adapter that you can use for it. Like it or not, though, it is a big jump towards a wireless future.

The New Home Button That Isn’t Actually a Button

The Home button is no longer a button. Instead of the good ol’ button, Apple applies its MacBook trackpad Taptic engine/haptic feedback. While MacBook users are probably rejoicing over this development, there are some who are quite worried that they might need to make a lot of adjustments using a non-traditional button. Then again, it’s relatively easy to use and anyone will get used to it after a couple of tries. This probable enhances the safety feature of the phone, especially since the fingerprint sensor feature is still there.

Black, Black, and Black

The iPhone 7 comes in sleek black shades. Apart from a glossy Jet Black, it also comes in another shade or black, a darker one in matte. So, of you want that glossy look; go for the Jet Black one. If you’re the more conservative type, go with the matte. Other colors available are the standard gold, silver, and Rose Gold.

Other Features

Other features of the iPhone 7 that are worth noting include its water-resistant characteristic and its updated operating system, iOS 10. While these two – and the previously mentioned features – are not the end-all and be-all of a 100% user-satisfying smartphone, they somehow touch some right chords. Apple may finally be heading to somewhere more promising. How promising? Nobody can really tell yet, at least not until all iPhone 7 user reviews come out.

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