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Aaron Hillegass (born 1969) is founder of the Big Nerd Ranch training company.

[edit] Biography

Hillegass started programming at the age of 10. After graduating university he took his first full time job, working for the Mitre Corporation in their Advanced Signal Processing Lab. He went on to developed NEXTSTEP application software for Wall Street. Between 1995 - 1997 he was employed at NeXT as a developer and trainer. In 1997, NeXT merged with Apple Computer. Hillegass elected to leave his role to start his own dot-com business. In 2000, he was then contracted by Apple to help train their software developers in the Cocoa application programming interface (API), an evolution of the NEXTSTEP API. He currently teaches Cocoa development and Cocoa consulting projects through his company Big Nerd Ranch.

Aaron is best known to many Cocoa programmers as the author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, a popular introductory text for Cocoa developers.

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