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Sam Jarman is a student and hobbyist iPhone developer, living in Canterbury, New Zealand. Sam publishes in the app store under the trade name Samstrix Apps.


[edit] Biography

Jarman started iPhone development with a simple course taken at his secondary school in 2009. A year later, in 2010, he had over 5 apps on the store. He has spent a lot of the free time he has developing apps, and learning Objective-C. Sam is currently at secondary school, in Christchurch, New Zealand, so can be described as a hobbyist iPhone developer. His first app for the store was a game called 2High-2Low, a simple game, which took him about a month to perfect.

Since then Jarman has made many more applications, each providing a unique experience for the user. He has worked on in house as well as contract made applications.

Jarman attends Canterbury University, his local university, and is studying a Bachelor of Science in computer science. Here he tutors as well as heave involvement in the UC Computer Society.

[edit] Speaking and Writing

Jarman presents on topical tech trends at conferences around New Zealand. In 2010, he spoke at 3 conferences. His most notable appearance was at Ulearn 2010 where he - together with a friend - held a day-long workshop for getting teachers into iOS development

He runs a blog called DevieTech - With the tag line 'Where tech and development collide'. This is a blog with tech news, opinions, developer stories and hints + tricks. He also has written for TechPod.

In 2011, Jarman appeared on the general interest show This Way Up on New Zealand National Radio.

[edit] Apps

Jarman plans to rewrite his earlier Apps beginning December 2011.

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