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Steve Streza is a mobile and web developer based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

[edit] Biography

Streza began developing software for the Mac with REALbasic in 2000, and moved onto Objective-C and Cocoa in 2003. He majored in software engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 2005 to 2007 before leaving to pursue a career in Cocoa software development. He joined Ambrosia Software in 2008 and developed Soundboard, as well as built a series of rich JavaScript widgets for the Ambrosia Software website. In 2010, he moved to San Francisco, and joined ngmoco:), where he currently works on the in-game client for the plus+ social gaming network. He loves bacon and dubstep.

[edit] Software

  • plus+ - a social gaming network integrated into dozens of iPhone and iPad games
  • Swearch - an HTML5 search client for iPhone
  • MGTwitterEngine - a Cocoa library for integrating with Twitter
  • Soundboard - a Mac app for triggering sound effects for DJs and podcasters

[edit] External links

  • Blog
  • @SteveStreza on Twitter
  • Dubstepza - a curated blog of dubstep music (quite possibly the single greatest coding music ever created)
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